Evelyne Lesaunier

Born November 27, 1951 in Paris

Workshops with Alric CAZAL who encouraged his creativity and Jean-Pierre CHEBOLDAEFF

She does not premeditate her paintings and navigates on sight, painting directly on the canvas without prior drawing. It is each time a new adventure into which she throws herself with energy, seeking an unprecedented vision in order to surprise herself, letting herself be carried away by the moment, without knowing where she is going. She translates her dreams, her emotions, her feelings, her feelings. She paints as she breathes at any time of day or night. For her, painting is not depicting. His painting is spontaneous, authentic, instinctive.

In his “Journal”, Jules Renard said “Writing is a way of speaking without being interrupted”. Painting is just as much!

His last significant exhibition is that of the Orangerie in the Caillebotte property, charged with soul, history and humanity.

His artistic preferences: Botero, Douanier Rousseau, Dali, Picasso, Gauguin and Corot. Music sometimes animates his creations, in particular the saxophonist Stan Getz and Chopin.

For Evelyne, Art is the ambassador of expression, communication, emotion and sharing between people.